#StylewithBella: How to Style on a Snow Day

Hello Baes!  Winter visited us sooner then we thought, I light of the snow I thought I would show you how to style in snow. I know when the weather get cold and it starts to snow I panicked because I want to look cute and stylish but don’t want to have to wear bulky clothing and I’m sure you gals don’t want to pack on the bulk either. Here are a few tips to look stylish while beating the winter weather.

1. Get yourself a cute and bold faux fur coat. It could be short, mid-length or long.

2. Nice warm subtle sweater. The coat is already bold.

3. Pair slim fit jeans or cigarette pants.

4. Add some bold booties or thigh high boots with a pair of long socks.

5. Accessorize with a long pendant chain and some hoop earring and bangles, and a boho bag. And, you’re ready to hit the street!

This look will take you from day to night.

What’s your style tips for Snow days?

Images Source: Google Images

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