#StyleWithBella: How to Go From a Day in the Office to a Night Out

Hello, Style Baes! My name is Myrtho, but you can call me Bella.  I’m a working mom with 6 kiddos, a honey, and fierce fashion sense. I love to get creative with my style of clothing as well as with my families fashion style. I will be showing you guys how to be a fashionable family all while shopping on a budget!  You can look great while shopping and not break the bank!

As a working mom, I often find that it’s hard to find fashionable clothing that works for the office and for a night out on the town, so this is what I do:

For the day in the office:

  1. Pair a pencil skirt with a button up blouse
  2. Add a tank top under with a pair of bold heels
  3. Finish touch with some accessories that pop but doesn’t take away from the outfit 

For the night out on the town:

  1. Ditch the button up blouse
  2. Rock the tank for a whole new sexy look
  3. Pair it with a blazer 

Now, you can go from the office to a night out with ease.

What are some of your tips?

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-Style Bella

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