Style & Create: CELLetto

This week’s Style & Create blog series profiles Tabrinnay Nelson, founder of CELLetto, a line of custom glam cell phone cases. Check out her profile and work below.

The Creator: Tabrinnay Nelson


My Creation: Custom Cell Phone Cases

Business Name: CELLetto


How I Got Started:

“I got serious less than a year ago. For a while I was making cases for myself and people were complimenting stating I should start to sell [them]. I kind of started selling them to friends here and there. [After creating an] Instagram, my cases became [more popular].


Story Behind the Name:

“The first part comes from ‘cellphone’ the other part comes from ‘stiletto.” When I think of stilettos, I think of how they elevate. My cases will elevate your phone.”


My Inspiration:

“My mother helps a lot because she is very into the arts too…and I [get inspired] by other people’s art. I usually have a layout in my head…”


How I Stand Out:

“I am trying to incorporate the stiletto…into my design. I know there are a lot of cellphone custom case makers out there. I always make sure customers are satisfied before I send them. It is really a collaboration between me and the customer. I think it’s different because I use a lot of unique things..and I buy pieces from everywhere.”


Future Plans:

“I made jewelry before making phone cases. I had started to branch out a little. I’ve been asked to make other things like a flask. I might branch out and make tablet cases but cellphones will always be [my main focus].”


How Long the Process Takes:

“It takes about 3-4 days if I work on it nonstop. I do a layout first. When customer is satisfied, …I start to execute.”


Results of the Execution:

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