Spring Fling

Hi dolls yeah I know it’s been a long time 🙈 sorry for the long hiatus💕 but I’m back and with sooo much things in store for you guys 😉. It’s finally spring and the weather is getting itself together, and I can’t wait to put together some pretty amazing looks for you’ll to try … Continue reading Spring Fling

Bold & Beautiful

Hey style baes what have you gals been up to as for me I went bold & beautiful recently to one of my sister friend surprise all black birthday bash! Of course your gurl was fashionably late lol but I promise it was all worth it 😉. Since the bash was all black I decided … Continue reading Bold & Beautiful

#AskApril: How do I care for my hair while protective styling?

Your stylist should confirm that your hair is healthy enough for the desired style prior to the initial service. If you are unsure, schedule a consultation to check on the condition of your hair. Prior to any protective style, you should prepare your hair. First you need to shampoo your hair. Starting with a clean … Continue reading #AskApril: How do I care for my hair while protective styling?