#AskApril: How do you gain confidence after a “big chop”?

For some women the words “big chop” can bring on a lot of anxiety, while some women have described it as “liberating”. We as women know and understand that a lot of our confidence and/or attitude is wrapped into our hair. I always tell people to embrace every step of their natural hair journey. If you learn to love your hair from the beginning, you will love it until the end.
There is so much to love about the big chop. At this stage, you can learn what products your hair likes and dislikes, you won’t have to spend as much time styling your hair, and you might (unknowingly) encourage someone to begin their natural hair journey. It is also a great time to wear more accessories. Headbands and wraps, bows, earrings, and even makeup have been known to enhance any hairstyle.
During this time be sure to take lots of pictures. That way you can look back on them and be able to see how much your hair has grown. Watching YouTube videos, as well as reading a few natural hair blogs will help you to stay encouraged. Some women also choose to protective style, and even wear wigs. As long as you are protecting your hair, enjoy the journey.
April Williams is a licensed cosmetologist, natural hair care specialist and owner of the only natural hair care salon “A Perfect 10 Hair,” the same name of her natural hair care line. Send your questions to April via e-mail at APerfect10Hair@yahoo.com orStyleandSnow@gmail.com with subject line “#AskApril”
Photos courtesy of April Williams’ Instagram

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