#AskApril: How do I properly care for my natural hair in this harsh weather?

During the winter months you may notice that it is more difficult to keep your hair moisturized. When the temperature drops, it is important to begin using thicker oils and heavier creams. It is also important that you are protecting your ends in the harsh temperatures. Since your ends are the oldest part of your hair you need to ensure they are properly moisturized to prevent breakage. Try adding a Hot Oil Treatment to your regimen during the winter months. You may also couple that with a Steam Treatment. Another tip is to incorporate more co-washes into your hair care regimen. That way you aren’t removing as much moisture that you would during the shampoo process. Deep conditioning more often will help retain moisture as well, especially if you are wearing your natural hair “out” or in a loose state. It is also important to cover your hair. This is essentially important during the winter months because the air is a lot dryer, and can result in “crunchy or brittle” hair. Wear a satin lined hat, or even a bonnet under your hats. Be careful not to allow your hats to have direct contact with your natural hair. If your hat is cotton, it will dry your hair out. If you have a wool hat, it may cause friction, which will lead to breakage.

April Williams is a licensed cosmetologist, natural hair care specialist and owner of the only natural hair care salon “A Perfect 10 Hair,” the same name of her natural hair care line. Send your questions to April via e-mail at APerfect10Hair@yahoo.com orStyleandSnow@gmail.com with subject line “#AskApril”

Photo: CreateHerStock

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