#AskApril: How do I start a hair regimen, and stick to it?

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Before you can create a hair care regimen you should first identify your unique hair care needs. Understand that what works for one person might not work for you. You may also consult with a Natural Hair Stylist/Specialist to determine your hairs porosity, texture, and problem areas if there are any.  Putting together a hair care plan (regimen) is easy. The hard part is sticking to it.

The easiest way to stick to your hair care routine is to break it down into weeks. That way you’ll get into the habit, and it will become easier as the weeks and months go by.  A good hair regimen consists of a shampoo, conditioner, a deep conditioner and hair treatments. Couple these with low manipulation styles and you’ll be sure to develop healthier hair, as well as retain length.

Depending on how you wear your hair….

Shampoo your hair weekly. Condition EVERY time you shampoo.

Deep Condition every other week, and apply Treatments monthly. The type of treatment depends on your individual hair care needs.

There is a separate regimen for protective styling (more on that later).


April Williams is a licensed cosmetologist, natural hair care specialist and owner of the only natural hair care salon “A Perfect 10 Hair,” the same name of her natural hair care line. Send your questions to April via e-mail at APerfect10Hair@yahoo.com orStyleandSnow@gmail.com with subject line “#AskApril

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