Tommi’s on Her FlygirlShhh

This week’s Style & Create series features the curator of FlygirlShhh, a t-shirt company with a message the exceeds more than the aesthetics of fashion but also a message promoting sisterhood and women empowerment. Check out her profile below.

Name: Tommi Billingsley

Company: FlygirlShhh

Title: Founder/Creative Director

Hometown: Syracuse, New York

Education: Business degree from Lemoyne College, May 2014

Style & Snow: Flygirlishhh started in 2013. What’s the story behind it? Where did you the idea come from?

Tommi B.: “I was inspired by meeting and seeing so many women around the world that was flourishing in their sexuality and femininity.”

Tommi B. Her #StyleRule: “I am a strong believer of look good, feel good.”


S&S: Do you design all of the shirts?

TB: “All my idea but I have a  graphic designer.”

S&S: What sparked your interest in fashion?

TB: “I actually do custom clothing not a part of FlygirlShhh.  I make dresses, skirts, crop tops… -I learned how to sew in “Home and Careers” in 8th grade so pretty much self-taught hidden talent. No [professional] school or anything like that.”

S&S: Who’s your target? Age? Women only?

TB: “Women older than 35 can wear FlygirlShhh. But it’s pretty much for 16-35. I’m sticking with women only right now.”

S&S: What are some items that you sell now?

TB: “T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and also sweatsuits, and hats…”


S&S: How has business been for you since starting in 2013?

TB: “I’m in a really good space right now. I’ve done pop up shops to fashion shows. [My new Website] is…up and running. Marketing has been [the hardest]. [However] the response is sometimes overwhelming, but I love it. I eat it. I sleep it. It’s a lifestyle.”


S&S: What is your ultimate goal?

TB: “I want to start a shoe line. I decided to start with a T-shirt company first.”


S&S: You’re a mother. How does that affect the way you do business?

TB: “I have a daughter. She’s my mini fly girl. I have a pretty set routine. I work during the day for [FlygirlShhh]. I balance it out. I do have a strong support system. School made it harder but I managed. She’s my motivation. I want to teach her about working hard. Inspire her to want to be like mommy and go for dreams.”


(Her #StyleRule: “I am a strong believer of look good, feel good.” )

S&S:  How would you describe your style?

TB: “Crazy. It’s like however I feel at that moment. I am very bold and courageous and adventurous…it can come from type of shoe I wear…hair done…pretty woman in magazine. I don’t have concrete. you can caught me in sweatshirts to dress up.”


S&S: Living in Syracuse, New York, How do you style n’ snow?

TB:  “You have to have proper attire. Leather Uggs…Nice big ski coat. Proper accessories. Nice boots, hats, gloves, scarves….”

S&S: What a quote that you live by and would like to share with other “fly” girls?

TB:  “For all the ladies …stay fly. forever love yourself.”


S&S: What is your overall vision?

TB: “My vision is to really inspire, uplift women all over the world to love themselves. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a sisterhood….It’s not just clothes”


S&S: Besides bloggers, what are other positions are you hoping to fulfill?

TB:  “I am looking for sales reps. The position is commission based (20%). [Anyone interested] can e-mail”


Shop FlygirlShhh here. Follow FlygirlShhh on Instagram.

All pictures are courtesy of Tommi Billingsley

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